TV Presenter Teaches Young People To Cook In Knowle West

by Community Reporter Oliver Wu


 L to R Aden Jonas (20), Medwin Worrall (19) and Jaison Vandenboch (25) cooking with celebrity presenter Ben Shephard. Photo/Oliver Wu

Celebrity TV presenter Ben Shephard came to Knowle West to host a special cookery class at The Park in Daventry Road today.

The event took place at the Square Food Foundation cookery school and was attended by a group of 16 to 25-year-olds from The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme.

It was part of a national campaign – ‘5by25’ which aims to help young people master at least five simple dishes by the age of 25.

During the 45-minute lesson, the presenter demonstrated his signature dish ‘Ben’s Shepherd’s Pie’ to his young audience. The students were then invited to have a go themselves under his watchful eye.

Ben admitted that working with the students reminded him of his youth when he first left home and went to university.

He told the Knowledge Newsletter: ‘I was hopeless in the kitchen, a bit lazy and a bit concerned about making a mess or cooking something that might kill someone!’

Now a father of two, Sam (7) and Jack (5), Ben stressed the importance for young people to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

He said: ‘I think it is really important to get young people to start cooking because we have got an awful situation in which obesity rates in young people are exploding …

‘It’s important they realise that whatever they put into their bodies has a long term effect on their health. We don’t want people just to heat and eat!’

Recent research revealed that nearly 60 per cent of 16-25 year-olds in Britain are lacking of the skills to cook even the simplest dish by the time they are leaving home.