The Place Makers exhibition – do you care enough about the place where you live?

Exhibition Opening & Discussion Event
Tuesday 5th March, 6-8pm, Knowle West Media Centre

Free event but booking required: RSVP to

The Architecture Centre & Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) invite you to: The Place Makers: what makes a place and who does the making?

In March KWMC is unveiling a new exhibition featuring photographs of young people who are helping to make Knowle West a better place. Photographer Frances Gard has been working with young photographers’ group Nlarge to create portraits of 13-25 year olds who are active in their community. These images have been added to ‘The Place Makers’ exhibition and sit alongside images of people who are helping to shape and improve other areas of Bristol.

On Tuesday 5th March there’ll be a talk and discussion from 6-8pm where you can meet the people in the photographs and resident campaigners in Knowle West – and find how you can make a positive impact where you live.  There will also be a screening of a new music video shot in the streets of Knowle West by local artist Makala Cheung.

Do you care enough about the place where you live?