Share your sporting memories

Phil and Bob at SM

A group which meets every week in Knowle West to share a passion for sport will be taking part in Filwood Gets Fit on 9 July.

Sporting Memories has been meeting at Knowle West Media Centre on Wednesday afternoons since last autumn, where members look at old photos and share memories of sport they have taken part in or seen. Anyone can join but it is also especially beneficial for those with any kind of  memory loss.

Sessions have been run by volunteers, including former Gloucestershire cricketer Phil Bainbridge. Members also include former boxing champion Bob Fisher and former photographer George Gallop who has photographed a number of sports champions, including Mohammed Ali.

Bob says: “It’s been good just to re-live sporting memories of Knowle West from the past from people involved with Bristol Rovers and Bristol City football clubs and the great success we’ve had with boxing.

“There are lots of memories people from Knowle West must have, it would be great if they could come along and share them.”

Volunteer John Collis says: “I really enjoy coming here, it’s a real pleasure talking to people about their love of sport and the enthusiasm here of staff at the Media Centre is terrifficPeople must have photographs and films at home and it would be great if they could bring them along.”

Sessions run every Wednesday at Knowle West Media Centre on Leinster Avenue from 2-3.30pm and all are welcome. A taster session will be run for Filwood Gets Fit on Wednesday 9 July at the same venue and time.

For more information contact Sue on 0117 9030444 or email