Reduce your energy use with the 3-E Houses Project

From Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC)

Is your energy use really high?

Would you like to cut your bills and make your home more eco-friendly?

We’re looking for 40 residents to take part in our exciting new 3-E Houses project. If you’re a Bristol City Council tenant and live in Knowle West, you can receive a free energy monitor to view your electricity, gas and water readings.

You will also receive:
• Free Internet access for a year
• Free loan of the latest touch-screen Toshiba tablet

For the chance to take part and meet other like-minded people contact Sue or Gail on 0117 903 0444 or email Sue or Gail.

The project will run for a year until February 2013. Participation is dependant on existing metering systems. We will need to visit your home to check we are able to measure your energy consumption.

An EU funded project supported by: Bristol CIty Council, KWMC, WSL, Indra, Ennovatis, Gas Natural, IP Performance, Toshiba, Bulgarian Housing Association, Ajuntament de SantCugat