Pinhole Camera Collection

From Knowle West Media Centre

Justin Quinnell gave out 450 pinhole cameras as part of the ‘Sunrise’ project at Knowle West Media Centre a few months ago. He is now collecting the cameras that were put up to uncover what has appeared.

When you have taken your camera down, put a small piece of insulation tape over the hole, (if you don’t have insulation tape, stick a piece of card over the hole with sellotape). It would also be useful if a digital photo could be taken of the camera in its position before it is taken down.

However the most important thing is to have some information written on, or attached to, the camera so Justin can work out whose image is whose!

Please include the following information:

1. Your name
2. The group the person belongs to (if relevant)
3. Where the camera was positioned or what it was pointing at

Please bring the cameras in to Knowle West Media Centre on Leinster Avenue, between 9am and 6pm and hand them into reception.

Many thanks from Justin and KWMC for being part of the project.

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