Performance experiment tomorrow!

After several weeks of working with a great bunch young people at KWMC, and developing my ideas around data (as part of the larger ‘Whose Data?’ project, it’s time to do another performance experiment. This one will be tomorrow, Tuesday 19th July, from 4.15-6.15pm in the studio at KWMC. do come along if you’re around, or to the ‘Whose Data?’ presentations at 6.30pm, which it’s slightly connected with.

What I’ve been thinking about in recent weeks is how we might think about data in terms of performance. On the one hand it’s things like photos, video, text descriptions, my written scores (usually a combination of lists and sketches, that are the plan or script for the performance), but on the other (as importantly!) it could be the meanings that we give things, the things it makes us think about, how it makes us feel. And I guess this is my answer to ‘Why? And what does it mean?’ – that it is only through the data we produce around performance that it means anything. And i always think that live art is brilliant for the fact that it can mean so many different things to so many different people. What you think something means might be completely different to what I think, and that doesn’t matter at all, as long as there’s something meaningful happening.

So tomorrow I’ll be doing a performance experiment, making a two hour performance, which will be photographed and written about throughout, creating a data stream of images, thoughts, descriptions and feelings. And this will feed into the next part of ‘Why? And what does it mean?’, about which I’ll post more later…