PUBLIC EVENT with performance artist Paul Hurley

at Knowle West Media Centre, Wednesday 7th November 6-8pm

Some of you will have seen me around Knowle West again the past couple of months. I’m an artist who’s been commissioned by the media centre to produce some new experimental art performances around Knowle West, exploring the theme of harvest. Some of these have been working with different groups in the community – one with the young people’s photography group, one with the ELM folk at WildFest, and one with the Eagle House bingo group. Alongside the performances, people from these groups have been using a new digital tool that Dane Watkins and I have developed at the media centre, which uses camera phones and Twitter to record people’s experiences of an event onto a website. My final performance at Knowle West Media Centre will be open to the public, and will be a chance to look at photos from the other performances as well as join in a discussion about the whole project. Expect the unexpected – there’ll be morris bells, soil, cake and probably some mess (although don’t tell Steve!)

More information from KWMC, otherwise just turn up on the evening – the event will be free and refreshments will be served! A free minibus will be arranged for people coming from central Bristol – get in touch with KWMC or with Paul by the Friday 2nd November to book a place.