Over 20 Years Volunteering – And Still Going Strong

By Community Reporter David Amesbury 

Filwood’s Drama, Dance and Singing group has been a big part of the community centre for more than twenty years – run exclusively by volunteers.

Gloria Tucker (71) was its founder back in 1989, starting the group because she loves ‘drama, dance and shows’.  She was joined a year later by Edna Quick (65) who came to help out.  They have both been volunteering here ever since – and neither has any intention of stopping in the near future.

As well as running weekly sessions, choreographing dances and organising shows, the ladies also write scripts, build sets and make costumes. Their involvement doesn’t stop when they leave the centre on a Tuesday evening – the group has become so much of their lives.

Gloria says: “It keeps me going. Coming up here is my outlet. If I gave this up I don’t know what I would do. It’s a very important part of my social life. I would recommend volunteering to someone because if it does for them what it has done for me then that’s a good thing.”

Edna adds: “It’s nice to see a kid you’ve worked with, on stage, performing in one of the shows.”

They also feel the group benefits the community – not only for the confidence it is giving the young people but also because it provides a focus for them.

Gloria says: “…It keeps the kids off the streets, it gives them something to do.”

The young members agree on the importance of the group for local people and are enthusiastic in their praise of the ladies.

Carrie Pickford (15) says: “I’m really proud of them. The club has made me into and everybody into a better person.”