New nursery opens at Inns Court Centre

By Matt Caldwell, Learning Co-ordinator, Knowle West Children’s Centre



After months of building work, tons of soil and a lot of planning – we are pleased to announce that Knowle West Children’s Centre and Nursery School welcomed the New Year by opening a new nursery in the Inns Court Centre.

The new nursery will cater for fifty children and their families and will serve the whole of Knowle West.

This new development compliments the Children’s Centre’s long standing vision of working in partnership with the community, and we are happy to be at the centre of Inns Court.

There have already been a lot of visitors who are eager to see this purpose-built setting and our new children and families have settled in well at the start of term.

If you would like to find out more, please drop in and say hello to Jane or Kate. Enquiries about places for two year olds can be made by phoning 0117 903 0214.