Neighbourhood Forum Priorities

Agreed 2nd November 2011

1. Marshall Walk – Adults Street drinking, littering ,urinating and causing ASB. Youths causing ASB and Criminal Damage

* Regular Police Patrols
* Liaise with local shops
* Liaise with The Mede
* Use CCTV
* Target persistent offenders – ASB letters
* Issue Street drinkers with a direction to leave the area for a period of time ( Section 27 violent crime reduction Act)
* Make enquiries with Licensing regarding the sale of Alcohol to the Street Drinkers

2. Filwood Broadway including Coral Bookmakers/Community Centre and Barnstaple Court – Youths congregating at Coral Bookmakers, the community centre and Barnstaple court causing ASB and Criminal damage to the surrounding area

* Regular police patrols
* Liaise with district focus team
* Liaise with caretaker at Barnstaple Court
* Letters to persistent offenders – ASB letters
* Youths not living at location to be removed ( Barnstaple Court)
* Regular visits to the Bookmakers to provide reassurance
* Visits to the community Centre
* Contact youth services
* Utilise CCTV to target offenders

3. Eagle House Community Centre – Young Adults causing damage to the Building and surrounding area, ASB, Drug and Alcohol misuse

* Regular Police Patrols
* Liaise with Community Centre and youth Scheme
* Utilise their CCTV
* Liaise with Street wise co-ordinator regarding Alcohol and drug misuse
* Liaise with Bristol Drug Squad