Neighbourhood Forum (Filwood Ward)

The date of the next meeting is:-

Wednesday 8th February


The Cafe

Knowle West Health Park, Downton Rd, Knowle West BS4 1WH

This is the meeting for residents to come along and have their say, to report any issues you may have in your neighbourhood.



7.00pm          Welcome & Introductions


7.10pm      ‘You Said-We Did’ – Review of progress on actions, issues and priorities


7.25pm      New community action/priorities/issues including those raised at other meetings


8.00pm      Identification of top priorities


8.20pm      Community Consultation


8.35pm      Community updates and AOB


8.45pm      Meeting Close


For further information contact:-

Anita Pearce  (0117) 9084248 

    37, Filwood Broadway, Knowle West, Bristol BS4 1JL