Knowle West wildlife haven filmed by BBC

By Community Reporter Kasia Guzowska

Andy in flowersPicture by Magret Sauter-Krieger

Knowle West’s Andy Moseley has recently been the star of the BBC’s “Urban Jungle” programme for his work in the nature garden at the Park.

The programme, which aired this month, is part of the channel’s “Summer of Wildlife” and explores ‘the wilder side’ of town and cities in the West, looking at the nature on your doorstep.

Andy (59) has been working at the Park in Daventry Road for over four years. When he first arrived the piece of land he now calls “Andy’s Little Haven” was empty – but slowly he started planting seeds and created a wildlife garden.

He says of the programme: “Hopefully the show will encourage people to allow wildlife into their gardens and encourage them to see how easy it is to have your own nature garden and grow your own produce.”

Highlights of the show included the wildlife pond on the site and finding out how Andy built his beehive, where the swarm is to help fertilise the crops, not for honey.

The nature garden is also home to hens, geese and ducks as well as the infamous turkey Kurk. Andy grows a range of vegetables such as tomatoes and squash completely without chemicals – relying solely on wildlife. The produce and eggs are available for sale at the Park reception.

He says of the peaceful spot: “Hopefully I’ll die here. I’ve always been interested in wildlife and gardening is a passion. It’s not work for me.”

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