Knowle West Residents Planning Group Meeting 8/11/2011

Posted by Council officers at the request of Knowle West Residents’ Planning Group

The Knowle West Residents’ Planning Group (KWRPG) met for a positive meeting on Tuesday 8th November.  Councillor officers also attended.  Key points covered:

The Council’s City Design Group and local people are progressing well with the ideas for Filwood Broadway.  There has been local resident representation at: a meeting with Council Transport officers, and a session with GVA Grimley to look at the feasibility of the supermarket.

The residents’ were pleased to hear how the Homes and Communities Agency, heading up the Filwood Park project, and the Council’s City Design Group (leading the Filwood Broadway project) are liaising well.  Ideas for Filwood Broadway will be presented at the Filwood Park Enquiry By Design session mid November.

The Novers Park Drive site is being progressed as potential housing site for 14 dwellings.  Owners of the site, Somer Housing, are keen to attend a KWRPG meeting to hear the thoughts of local residents.

The quality of proposed developments the Creswick Rd sites, being developed by Knightstone Housing Association, improved as a result of input from council officers.

It was reported that Barratt Homes are interested the site towards the bottom of Novers Hill (between Hartcliffe Way & Novers Hill).

Planters (people) are needed for ‘National Tree Week’, which is open to anyone who lives in Filwood that has a front garden – contact Mil Lusk for more details.