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Knowle West Future: Your voice, Your choice


The community planning group called Knowle West Future launched last Saturday 21 June at Knowle West Media Centre Make your Neighbourhood event for Big Green Week.

Knowle West Future is a forum of local residents, workers, councillors and representatives of community organisations who want the community to have a say in how development happens, including the building of homes, leisure and community facilities, as well as job opportunities, working with the community to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan, to improve the Knowle West area.

Other events are planned throughout July and in the coming months in other parts of Knowle West, these include:

  • Sat 12 July – 12pm-4pm – Filwood Summer Fayre
  • Fri 18 July – 12pm-4pm – Melvin Square
  • Fri 25 July – 12pm-4pm – Inns Court

KWF meets as a forum on the first Tuesday of the month – from 6.30pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday 2 September, 6.30-8.30pm – Filwood Community Centre. All residents and people who work in the area are welcome to attend forum meetings.

Read our first press release here: Press release Knowle West Future – June 2014

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***We need more volunteers, especially under 25’s, please sign up here to receive more information and to tell us if you wish to get involved and what skills and time you have to offer. Just being part of discussions and planning is enough!***

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What is Knowle West Future?

The group exists to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan and is made up of local residents, workers, councillors and representatives of community organisations who are working to: ‘promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the neighbourhood area’ and enable actions that:

• Take forward the vision of a community full of confidence and pride, skilled and healthy, living in a thriving Bristol Neighbourhood that is green and well connected and low in living costs

• Take forward development and planning based on the 13 community objectives in the Knowle West Vision 2030*

• Raise awareness of and work to open up opportunities for sustainable development that accords with the social, economic and environmental aims above

*For further information on the Knowle West Vision 2030 objectives see and go to the “related documents” section.

What can Knowle West Future do?

Knowle West Future is using legislation from the Localism Act (2011) to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or a Neighbourhood Development Order for the development, regeneration or conservation of an area.

It can only do this after a formal process of the community coming together to work together to create a plan, consult on the neighbourhood plan, followed by a City Council review of the Plan/Order, an Independent Examination and a referendum. The legal stages are outlined here:

Once adopted, the Plan and/or Order becomes part of Bristol City Council’s Planning Policy.

For more information:

What is the neighbourhood area?

The area in which Knowle Future works is shown on the attached map.

Click To See Map

Alternatively – it’s the areas around Filwood Broadway and Park – Inns Court – Novers, Novers Park and Novers Hill – Jarmans – Melvin Square – Daventry Road – Northern Slopes – Glyn Vale – parts of Wedmore Vale – Beckington and Wingfield Roads – The Park; and part of Newquay Road.

We understand that some of those areas don’t consider themselves part of Knowle West. Our full legal title is Knowle West Area Neighbourhood Development Forum (KWANDF), as it’s impossible to have one name that covers all of the areas involved.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Once in place the Plan guides the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area. It can include a vision, aim, or policies, design guidance or proposals for the area (or part of an area). It can cover the whole of our area or one site – or specific topics (eg: transport or housing).

What is a Neighbourhood Development Order?

Once in place an Order guides the consideration of planning applications for certain kinds of development in the whole or part of the Forum area.

For more information:

Why should I be interested in Knowle West Future?

We have only just started working as a forum, so no decisions have been made about what may be included in a Plan or Order. Now is a great time to get involved.

How do I find out more?

Contact our Chair – Ken Jones (0117) 966-8761 or Amanda Ramsay, communications officer, via or on Twitter @AmandaRamsay

So what’s happened to the Knowle West Residents Planning Group (KWRPG)?

The KWRPG has been superseded by the Forum.

During the 4½ years the RPG was working, with specialist help, we:

• Developed regeneration Option 2 which in October 2010 was the most popular option at the City Council’s exhibition. The majority of Option 2 was taken forward as the Council’s preferred option in October 2012.

• Represented the groups involved, in discussions with the Council and Developers about the whole regeneration and site based development proposals.

• Won a Knowle West community group “Hearts and Stars” award in 2011.

• Was recognised for its role, as well as others, in the proposals for the Filwood Park area by the Royal Town Planning Institute in their 2013 South West Awards.

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