Know Your South Bristol – explore the history of your neighbourhood

Have you got a box of old slides hanging around in your attic or a reel of Super 8 film? Even some old VHS tapes of family weddings? If you do, come along to Knowle West Media Centre on Leinster Avenue for the Know Your South Bristol event.

The neighbourhoods of South Bristol are rich in heritage: from their Iron Age metalworking to their housing estates. While some of this heritage is underground, much of it is all around us: visible, if you know where to look…

Share your memories of your area and contribute your own piece of ‘media archaeology’ to the growing archives of the ‘Know Your Bristol’ programme. This event will focus on the heritage value of film, video and photography as documentary evidence of the rapidly changing landscapes of South Bristol over the past 150 years.

For more details call KWMC on 0117 903 0444. Cakes and tea provided.

The event is supported by University of Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre, Brislington Community Partnership, Bristlington Community Archaeology Project and Reflex Camera Club.