Homemade Bread ‘Huge Success’ At Local Café


By Community Reporter Oliver Wu


Freshly prepared loaves made by local residents have been selling fast at The Café based in Knowle West Health Park this month.

The Café – run by Bristol catering company Whisk Food Experiences Ltd – started a breadmaking group with the idea of serving local people with fresh homemade bread on the premises every week.

A group of five volunteers came together to form the production team two months ago. After six weeks of training, they put their bakery skills into practice for the first time at the beginning of November.

Michelle Bastin, a member of the group, said that the bread had sold very quickly on the first day.

She said: “The reason why it was so popular is probably because it’s fresher, and healthier as we don’t put in extra additives.”

Mike Pears who has been helping to train the group said he thought breadmaking was a good way of getting the community together.

He said: “It’s a transformative experience because you get these very basic ingredients: flour salt water and yeast but what you get out is a very lovely local bread. It gives us a sense of confidence and enjoyment.”

The bread – which includes wholemeal rolls and Italian Foccacia will be on sale every Thursday lunch time in the café. All money raised will go into buying equipment to help the group to continue.