Home Safety

The Fire Service, Police, BCC, Safer Bristol have been visiting homes in the area providing home safety and security visits.

Home Safety Visits

The first round of ‘Home Safety’ visits is completed. The first 3 streets targeted were  Ilminster Avenue, Padstow Rd and Torrington Avenue.

The Home Safety team are made up of officers from the Fire Service, Police, Area Housing & Safer Bristol.

They explained to residents the purpose of the visit

– demonstrated how to security mark valuable property with the free UV marker pen.

– provided a free 24-hour plug timer and explained the value of using this to make a house look occupied (lamp/radio set to come on a certain time)

– explained Immobilise and in some instances took down details to register property on Immobilise on behalf of the resident.

– provided free stickers to be put up in front/back windows stating that the house had security-marked all valuables on Immobilise.

For further information contact –

Emily Smith  emily.smith@bristol.gov.uk

or Kate O’Connor kate.O’Connor@bristol.gov.uk

Community Safety Officers, Safer Bristol Partnership, South Bristol

Princess House

Princess Street

Bristol, BS3 4AG

Tel : 0117 9031788


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