Hanover photojournalists visit Knowle West

By Community Reporter George Hassan

Nine photojournalists from Hanover in Germany visited Knowle West Media Centre this month to take pictures for an exhibition celebrating 65 years of twinning with Bristol.

The visit to the area was part of a weeklong trip to photograph and experience Bristol. Their pictures will be used in exhibitions in both cities next year.

Staff from the Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) showed the group around the area. Highlights included breadmakers at the Health Park cafe and Andy’s Little Haven at the Park in Daventry Road, where the visitors saw local produce being grown and some of the livestock – including Kurk the turkey.

Group member Eva Burcherd said of the area: “There is a vivid cultural scene in Knowle West – the Media Centre is really doing a good job bringing people together and helping to improve communication. We especially loved photographing Andy’s Haven nursery.”

She said Bristol was ‘far more multicultural than Hanover’ – they had found people ‘very friendly and open-minded’ and loved the contrast between the old and new buildings.

And photojournalist Margret Sauter-Krieger, said of her profession:. “Photos that show people and how they live…that is our passion.”

Director of KWMC, Carolyn Hassan said: “We’re delighted to have hosted a visit from photographers from our twin city Hanover. We look forward to collaborating on future projects… “

She said she was pleased to have been invited to Hanover in September to talk about arts and sustainability.

Further information on the Bristol/Hanover twinning is available at: bristolhannovercouncil.org.uk