So La Bristol

What is So La Bristol?

The first phase of the project has seen 30 Knowle West council-owned homes have free solar PV panels fitted to their roofs. The panels generate electricity for the homes to use.

Some of the project participants have been using their smart phones to keep a photo diary of their experience. Click on the photos to see the captions and make them bigger…..

In the second phase of the project the panels will be connected to a battery system which will power their household lights and pieces of electrical equipment, such as phones and computers. This means that participants can store some of the electricity generated by the panels in order to use it when they need it.

In short, participants have access to free solar energy when they sun’s shining and even when it’s not!

Knowle West Media Centre are working with artists and the participants looking at how to make the information about how much electricity they are generating and storing interesting and understandable.


How does it work?

The partners

So La Bristol is a partnership project involving, Western Power Distribution, Bristol City Council, Knowle West Media Centre, Siemens and University of Bath