Giant pumpkins grown at local allotments


Pumpkin 2

Left to right: Knowle West Health Association Head Gardener Steve Griffiths and Trainee Gardener Chris Lewis with some of their huge vegetables.

Giant pumpkins have been grown in Knowle West allotments to be used in community events at half term.

The monsters have been produced at Let’s Grow – a community food growing project run by Knowle West Health Association (KWHA) occupying over an acre of  land on the Springfield allotments, close to the Northern Slopes.

KWHA Head Gardener Steve Griffiths says one of the largest of the vegetables has a 56 inch circumference and weighs around five stone – but he has no secret tips for growing pumkins.

He says: “I have grown bigger ones before. There are no chemicals involved, no feeding. They just went straight into the soil and were a month late and they were grown in the polytunnel.

“I have heard of someone who fed his pumpkins a pint of guiness a day and other tips I have heard is to use sugar water I the feed to keep them sweet – everyone has their own ideas.

“If anyone is interested, for next year we are going to do a competition for growing pumpkins in Knowle West and they can get the seeds for free.”

KWHA Community Development Worker Jay Croney said when he first saw the pumkins he was  ‘gobsmacked and very impressed’.

He says: “They will be used in one of our Plot to Plate sessions (a gardening/ cookery class) with families at half term. They will come to the allotment and link with our Community Allotment and Community Kitchen teams.

“The pumpkins will probably go into stews, curries, soup and pies. If people go on our website they will be able to find recipes linked to Halloween.”

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