Getting to know our new area coordinator

By Community Reporter Ria Newman

Andrew McLean SmallAs the new Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator for Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill, as well as Greater Bedminster – Andrew McLean is a busy man.

Since taking on the role in September, he has been spreading his time between two offices (Filwood Broadway and Brunel House near City Hall) and the Southville Centre depending on the areas’ needs.

He explains: “My job involves supporting local people in the two partnership areas, local organisations and elected ward members in helping to realise the vision and ambitions for their area…

“There are processes I need to do – like supporting the smooth management of the Neighbourhood Partnership and its meetings … but also making them accessible.

“I think it can be quite intimidating to come along to a meeting… But part of my job is to remove those barriers so everybody can get involved, including young people and older people.”

As former Co-Manager of Equality and Diversity at the University of the West of England and Equality Officer at Bristol City Council, Andrew says his skills and background have ‘massively helped to prepare me for this role’.

And what he enjoys most about his post so far is ‘the contact’ with local people – whether it’s helping them set up a residents’ association, campaign for a school crossing or to tackle litter in the area.

His ambition is to help residents achieve some of the actions in the Neighbourhood Plan – from resolving transport issues to helping to develop the parks and open spaces.

He says: “I enjoy the enthusiasm, the desire and the passion (the people have) to improve their local area…My hope is the area becomes a strong advocate for the people that live here, and truly reflects what local people want.”