Advertising in The Knowledge

Why advertise in The Knowledge?

  • We print 6,500 copies of The Knowledge each issue.
  • There are 5,500 delivered directly to homes in Filwood and parts of Knowle and Windmill Hill, and 1,000 are delivered to local community organisations including community centres, shops, doctors’ surgeries and schools.
  • The Knowledge has a loyal readership of over 20,000 people per edition who are looking out for local news, events, opportunities and services in their community.
  • All adverts booked for the printed Knowledge will be added to the online counterpart for the duration of the print run (approximately three months).
  • A discounted rate of 25% is offered to:
    – charities
    – community groups and small businesses solely based within The Knowledge circulation area (Filwood, Knowle, Windmill Hill)
  • A 10% discount will be given to all advertisers who block book, reserving adverts in two or more issues and paying for them in advance.

How much does advertising cost?

Advert Standard Rate Size
Eighth page £62.50/£50 w: 92.5 mm
h: 65 mm
res: 300 dpi
Quarter page £175/£131 w: 92.5 mm
h: 130mm
res: 300 dpi
Half page £300/£225 w: 185mm
h: 130 mm
res: 300 dpi
Full page £500/£375 w: 210mm
h: 297 mm
res: 300 dpi(plus 3mm bleed) 
Inserts £65 for 1,000 inserts (minimum booking 2,000)*

*Conditions for Inserts:

  • Advertisers must design and print their own inserts and deliver them to our printing house to coincide with our print run. This can be organised by speaking to the Editor.
  • The minimum number of inserts we can accept is 2,000.
  • Inserts must be size A5 or smaller.
  • If you book a smaller number of inserts than our print run of 6,500 we can’t guarantee which streets your inserts will and will not be delivered to.
  • Charity and block booking discounts do not apply to inserts.

Terms & Conditions for all advertisers 

  • Advertorials and pre-designed adverts must be provided to the correct word count or size and be spelling and grammar checked.
  • Images must be 300dpi resolution and you must confirm that you have the consent of the individuals pictured (or their parent/carer if they are under 18) for their image to be used.
  • VAT will be added to all prices.
  • Advertorials will be clearly marked so as to distinguish them from news and editorial content.
  • We reserve the right to refuse advertising space for any advert that contains offensive language, incites violence or illegal activity, is defamatory, or is abusive, racist, sexist or homophobic.

What is the difference between advertising / advertorial and editorial?
Advertising or advertorial is classed as anything that is directly promoting or endorsing a product, group or service.  Editorial is classed as news pieces, photos, reviews, reports and information. ‘Dates for your diary’ contains event listings that you can use to promote your forthcoming events free of charge, but these are limited to a few lines each and will be selected to ensure that no one group or organisation dominates this section. The only way for you to guarantee inclusion in the Knowledge, control the presentation and editing of your content, and secure a specific amount of space is to purchase an advert or advertorial.

Please contact Editor Sue Mackinnon for all enquiries and to book space:
tel: 0117 903 0444