From Zero to Hero!

Local football coach Antony Morrison is fighting fit after completing an intensive fitness training programme – which gives contenders the opportunity to train for their own boxing bout. He was sponsored to take part by Broadwalk FC and a coach full of local supporters went to watch his fight, with some members of his u13’s football team even leading him into the ring.

This is Antony’s story: ‘“You’re not gonna be around to see your lovely kids grow up” were the words that stuck in my head when my dad passed away in August. At 19 stone 12lb I realised he was right! When I saw how the Zero to Hero fitness programme changed people’s health, confidence and self esteem I decided to enter – but more than anything to lose the weight and make my family proud.

Zero to Hero

I started their grueling 10-week training programme and met some awesome people along the way. But my biggest challenge was conquered in week eight when I jumped on the scales and weighed 15st 8lb. I lost my boxing fight on points but anyone who knows me knows fighting was way out of my comfort zone. A special thanks to my partner Emma for cooking healthily and pushing me throughout and also to Jon Edge. Most importantly thanks to my two coaches: Nick Stathers and even more importantly Ian Eisenstrager for his guidance.’ For more information visit