Free Writing Workshops

This April and May, a series of free writing workshops have been organised by Knowle Community Group and Show of Strength Theatre Company to produce 5 minute monologues for

Trading Local, Theatre in Broadwalk Shopping Area, Knowle, on Saturday 8th October 2011

They would like experienced and first time writers to create new 5 minute monologues to be performed by professional actors in Knowle shops. This is a great opportunity to turn a story into a drama! Pieces will be developed in workshops led by Sheila Hannon, SOS’s Creative Producer. Up to 18 will be selected for professional production.

Workshops are free and a variety of dates are available (see below) For more information e-mail

No booking is necessary.

1. Monday 4th April  1.30–3.30PM, KNOWLE PARK SCHOOL, Queenshill Road, Knowle Park  BS4 2XG

2. Wednesday 6th April  2.30–4.30PM, REDCATCH COMMUNITY CENTRE, Redcatch Road, Knowle  BS4 2EP

3. Friday 15th April  5–7PM, KNOWLE LIBRARY, 1st Floor, Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Wells Road, Knowle BS4 2QU

4. Tuesday 10th May  6–8PM, KNOWLE WEST MEDIA CENTRE, Leinster Avenue, Knowle West  BS4 1NL

5. Saturday 14th May  12 NOON–2PM, THE GEORGE, 228 Wells Road, Knowle  BS4 2AX (Bring your own lunch, drinks available)

6. Monday 16th May  6.00–8.00PM, THE TALBOT/OLD CATHAY RESTAURANT, 304 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol  BS4 2QG (Workshop followed by supper for £5!  No booking but pay £5 on arrival for Chinese food)

Selected scripts will be announced at Redcatch Community Fun day, Redcatch Park, Sunday 26th June 1–5pm.