First workshops at KWMC

Last week I started visiting the youth programmes at KWMC, as part of ‘Why? And what does it mean?’ We looked at all sorts of examples of Live Art, including the Taiwanese artist Tehching Hsieh, who made some mind-boggling year long performances, including one where he punched a time clock in his studio on the hour, every hour, for a whole year.

One Year Performanc 1980 -1981

We also looked at some of the work of Manuel Vason, an amazing photographer, who creates collaborations with artists which we could call performances-for-camera. He’s worked with people from KWMC last year on the project Still Image Moving. We had some great conversations about what art, performance and music could be, and why on earth artists would do half this stuff (myself included!). We’re hopefully going to be starting some experiments of our own this week – I’m off to work with the Voice of the South and NLarge this afternoon, and with Digital Fish and Music and Lyrics tomorrow and Thursday. We’re also starting to think how this site and Tumblr (a blog site, where anyone in the project can post up photos or writing about what we’re doing), Flickr (a photo site), and things like Twitter (where people write much much shorter updates, but can do so in a kind of constant stream, from their computer or even from their mobile phone).

Paul Hurley performance 'Art Voodoo', Context, Taunton 2010

I think all of this stuff is really interesting in relation to Live Art – we know that performance (whether it’s theatre, a pop concert, X-Factor or a football match) is (usually) live and happens in front of us, but data is something that is also live. We can watch live data (photos, videos, tweets, etc.) unfold on our computer as we might watch live TV, or better still, we can create our own live data streams about anything we want.

The hard part is getting them all joined up in one place…!