Filwood Neighbourhood Forum

Filwood Neighbourhood Forum


Neighbourhood Priorities agreed 8th February 2012


1. Marshall Walk (ASB and Criminal Damage)


Adults Street drinking, littering, urinating and causing Anti-social behaviour.

Youths causing Anti-social behaviour and Criminal Damage


* Regular Police Patrols

* Liaise with local shops

* Liaise with The Mede

* Use CCTV

* Target persistent offenders – Anti-social behaviour letters

* Issue Street drinkers with a direction to leave the area for a period of time (Section 27 violent crime reduction Act)

* Make enquiries with Licensing regarding the sale of Alcohol to the Street Drinkers

Lead – PC 4526 Gould



2. Newquay Road (ASB and Drugs)


Groups of youths gathering intimidating people, drug misuse on the junction of Newquay & Cossington Rd.


* Regular Police Patrols

* Utilise their CCTV

* Liaise with Street wise co-ordinator regarding drug misuse

* Liaise with Bristol Drug Squad

Lead – PC 2121 Worthington



3. Novers Park Road, Novers Hill, Novers Steps


Elderly females being followed by hooded youths


* Regular Police Patrols

* Liaise with elderly female groups

* Deliver personal safety/crime reduction advice

Lead – PCSO 9315 Jarvis


Next public meeting:- 2nd May 2012 at 7:00 PM lasting 2 hours

at Knowle West Health Park, Downton Road BS4 1WH


All members of the public are welcome to attend