Do you know a young person who helps make Knowle West a better place?

As part of a new exhibition, Nlarge Photography are taking a series of portraits of young people who are active in Knowle West. They might volunteer, put on music or sports events, take care of green spaces, or something else.

Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) is seeking suggestions of young people who could have their portrait taken and form part of the exhibition.

The young person should:

  • Be active in Knowle West, but they don’t need to live there
  • Be aged 13-25
  • Do something that makes Knowle West feel or look better
  • Not just be doing the activity for their paid job

Please pass this call for suggestions around your organization and other networks.

Contact Melissa or Sandra to make your suggestions or find out more information: / or 0117 903 0444.



The Place Makers: pioneering tactics, tools and tales from the community

Knowle West Media Centre, Leinster Avenue, BS4 1NL / Opens 15th January 2013 / Free entry

What makes a place? And who does the making?

Great places and loved spaces are not just the gift of politicians, architects and engineers. Beneath the grand visions and masterplans, there are people developing ideas and quietly making things happen. This new exhibition will share the stories of some of the community pioneers helping to shape Bristol and Knowle West.

Photographer Frances Gard has used colour and context to capture the character and spirit of the Place Makers – and she’s working with young people from Knowle West Media Centre to explore the next generation of Place Makers in Knowle West. The portraits produced through this collaboration will join the exhibition in February.

The Place Makers exhibition is hosted in partnership with the Architecture Centre and began life as part of the Changing Faces of British Architecture.