Northern Slopes Initiative

The Northern Slopes Initiative is a group of people seeking to maintain, conserve and enhance their local open space resource in South Bristol, known and grouped collectively as the Northern Slopes, or the Slopes.

The Slopes consist of 4 areas between Bedminster and Knowle West – known as  The Bommie, Glyn Vale, Kingswear and The Novers.

Originally set up to protect the areas from housing development, the Group has expanded its work to encourage others to join with them to work for the benefit of the people and communities that live around the Slopes; and to conserve and enhance the environment and features that make the Slopes what they are.

Increasingly areas like the Slopes are getting difficult to find in Bristol as development pressure on green space increases.

Since 2001 the Initiative has been:

  • Campaigning to raise awareness of the value of the sites;
  • Finding out what local people want to happen to the areas;
  • Encouraging more people to use the Slopes
  • Developing ways of maintaining and improving the areas without losing their unique informal character, stunning views and hidden places.
  • Carrying out projects with others to do the above • including the Doorstep Green on Glyn Vale; installing Northern Slopes gates, log seats and metal teasels; and holding events for people to come and enjoy.
  • Raising funds to support the work.
  • Working towards making the sites a local nature reserve.

Since 2009 we have also worked with other community groups, in trying to influence the City Council and Partners two initiatives which may change our Slopes –

    • The Kingswear/Torpoint/Marksbury Road College and Haldon Close (bottom of Novers) Masterplan/Development; and the
    • The Knowle West Regeneration Framework.

The NSI website below has information about the sites, the Kingswear Development, photographs, the latest news and a blog. There is also a downloadable leaflet about the Slopes on the home page.

If you want to contact us:


NSI meetings are held every month (except August) on the 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 6.30pm at The Park, Daventry Road. All are welcome. It is worth checking our website News and Events page, in case the date has to change.