Buried Treasure

Green Footprints  http://www.green-footprints.org.uk

“A friendly, Not-for-Profit, Organic Gardening Company providing environmental recycling, training, support & work experience to all age groups. Established in winter 2000/01”

Buried Treasure is an innovative organisation, offering training, support & work experience in organic gardening, composting and recycling issues.
We are also very active environmental community consultants.
We offer the following:

  • A cost effective gardening service
  • Hedge trimming & chipping options
  • Work for volunteers that truly benefits the community
  • Training in organic garden skills
  • Composting services & advice
  • Environmental consultancy services
  • A community gardening tool bank for Knowle & Filwood

Buried Treasure is based at The Park in Knowle, Bristol.  This site is a vibrant community resource for the immediate area and beyond.

We work with a wide variety of organisations, both statutory and voluntary. Training, workshops and volunteer opportunities are available.

Volunteers will experience a range of environmentally friendly organic gardening skills, from sowing seeds to creating a whole garden!