Contributors Wanted for University of Local Knowledge Project

The University of Local Knowledge needs your input!

Throughout Winter /Spring 2011 KWMC will be busy filming for ULK and need you to come forward to make films!

If you live in Knowle West or the surrounding areas and have some knowledge, that you are willing to share on camera please get in touch. During February and March we are particularly looking for people to speak on the following subjects:

Local History

  • Work and employment for residents of Knowle West
  • Social Policy around the development of the estate
  • Past attitudes to Education, Family life, Healthcare etc.
  • Visual material

Theology and Religions

  • Spirituality
  • All faith communities in Knowle West
  • Students or teachers of: philosophy, theology and world religions
  • People getting married in a church or having a celebration or ceremony of some kind
  • Atheists and people who are not religious


  • IT or web-related businesses
  • Teaching or studying IT
  • Web design
  • Gaming
  • If you are into electronic gadgets, mobiles, blogging or social media and have something to say about it, get in touch.

Contact Martha: 0117 9030444

For more information about the University of Local Knowledge project, please click on the University of Local Knowledge link to the left of this article

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