Community Share Offer for Solar Panels on the roof of Knowle West Media Centre

The Share Offer

At Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), we’re having solar panels put on our roof.  Bristol Energy Cooperative are raising the investment money for them from people across Bristol in a Community Share Offer. This activity aims to:

* Provide community buildings with free or low cost green energy, saving money and supporting their work

* Reduce the amount of CO2 and decrease reliance on fossil fuels

* Provide a financial return each year to investors

* Provide money for reinvestment in other projects, increasing community owned renewable energy across Bristol.

People can invest anything from £50 to £20,000 and become a member of the cooperative with equal voting rights on future projects and how the cooperative spend extra money.


The Event

Thursday 10th May, 7.30-9pm, Knowle West Media Centre. Register your attendance at

Following the share offer launch event at Hamilton House in Stokes Croft, this is another chance to hear more from Bristol Energy Cooperative about the panels, the plans and the opportunity to purchase shares.

Learn more about this opportunity – recently mentioned in the Guardian newspaper – and find out how you can get involved.