Green Footprints

GREEN FOOTPRINTS – Choose the vegetables you want and we will grow the seedings for you.

What’s it about in a nutshell?

Quite simply, the Green Footprints site can be used to choose the vegetables you want and I will grow the seedlings for you to plant in your own garden. Green Footprints was created to serve residents of Knowle West, Bristol, and participants of the Carbon Makeover project.

How does it work?

Each season you will see a list of vegetables to choose from. Pick the ones you want, and order them on-line. When they are ready I will email you to let you know, and you will need to pick them up from Buried Treasure at The Park within 3 weeks of receiving the email. You pay for the seedlings when you collect them.

Why grow your own?

Mil Lusk
  • You can save money. With seedlings costing just 20p – homegrown food is cheap and nutritious.
  • You can pick dinner straight from your own garden and get the most delicious veg you’ve ever tasted. Organically grown food tastes much better.
  • If you have children, they will learn where their food really comes from. It’s a gift that you can give to your children, and they can give to theirs.
  • Growing vegetables at home reduces the need to travel, which saves you time, money, and reduces carbon emissions.
  • You’ll get fresh air and exercise, rediscover the seasons, and increase your well-being.
  • You and your family can decide what you grow and what you eat, even things that you can’t get in the shops. See the Heritage Seed Library for a taste of history.

See what we can grow for you this season!

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – each season support different types of plants.

Click here to see what’s in season.

Once decided, Place your order!

Choose the vegetables you want and we will grow the seedlings for you to plant in your own garden, hanging basket, or window box.

Collect them from The Park, or under special circumstances we may be able to deliver.

Where to find us

Collect your seedlings from:

Mil Lusk
Buried Treasure
The Park
Daventry Road
Knowle West
Bristol, BS4 1DQ

M: 07810 474 55

Alternatively, if you have any questions please get in touch through our online form here.