Active Travel

Active Travel is a year long project Knowle West Media Centre delivered for Bristol NHS.

KWMC ran a series of 4 multi media workshops which local people attended. The idea of the workshops were to create a handbook to inspire other people to increase the amount of Active Travel they are doing and to communicate the key message that we need to be doing 30 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week.

This alternative travel map was created at one of the workshops with members of the local Fit and Fab group. The group were encouraged to share their invaluable knowledge of the local area. They marked down existing alternative/ off road routes to give other local people ideas on how to move about the area avoiding main roads. The group explored the routes on foot and used photography to document their journey.

Hard copies of the map are available as part of the complete handbook from Knowle West Media Centre or email

Alternatively, you may download the full size Active Travel Map.