I visited some of the youth programmes again last week, and things are really starting to take shape. Some of the excellent young people in Voices of the South have agreed to get on board with the digital journalism and help us shape what the project blog will be – most likely a Tumblr, with linked in Twitter, Twitpic and Flickr streams, so people can upload data in the form of words, photos, etc. and it’ll all come together in one place. (Hopefully….!) I’m off to meet them in a little while so we can figure out a little more how it’s going to work, as well as how it’s going to look, etc. (I find designing the colour scheme one of the most fun parts!) It’s very exciting! On Tuesday I also worked with the brilliant NLarge digital photography group, and we went outdoors to do a photo shoot of what we call “performance-for-camera” – the name sort of gives it away, but it’s a different way of making performance, for the lens (or screen) rather than for a live audience. It’s an interesting way to work. They all came up with some beautiful (and bonkers) images, which we’ll hopefully have up on here very soon – the problem with digital photography is that you can easily shoot hundreds of pictures, so it’s the editing that takes the time! Wednesday was time to work with the Digital Fish again, a group of brilliant young film makers who came up with lots of amazing ideas for performances-for-video. They ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the instantly achievable to the near impossible, so we’ll see what we can do tomorrow! Thursday saw some time with some of the Music and Lyrics group, in between their DJing and digital music-making sessions. We had a lot of fun, doing some sound improvisation with objects like teaspoons, bottles, BMX helmets and balloons, partly inspired by the avant-garde musician / artist John Cage. I recorded one of the experiments, but something strange happened to the file and I can’t convert it to put it up here. I’ll carry on trying and do so asap! Gotta dash 🙂