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  1. Hi broadwalk team, i am 17years old and looking to join your football team and attend training sessions. could you email me back with details and so i can explain and ask further questions. Thanks.(sealey98@hotmail.co.uk)

  2. Hi
    I am wanting to join a football training, but need to know times, places ect. I know that training is tomorrow, so would i be able to come and if so what to wear.
    P.S. My auntie did contact Andy but didn’t get an answer.

    • Hi mate

      if u still need to find out when football is give me a call 07963828061


      Martin Peters
      Broadwalk FC
      Co-Director of Football

      • Hey there, i have just got into football again and would really love to start playing for your team. I know when training is etc but i would just need to know what i would have to wear and if i would actually be allowed to come?

  3. hi im trying to find a football club in knowle for my 11 year old son can you send me some info i.e times,prices and places age groups and as much as possible really

    • Hi Paul,
      Broadwalk F.C. is the local football club with teams of your sons age. They have teams from 8 years old up to adults plus a womens team and disability team. They train and play at The Park, Daventry Rd and Filwood Playing Field, Creswicke Rd. For further information on times etc contact Andy Williams 07980 432697.
      Good luck

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