Bringing Some Sparkle To Inns Court

November 5th saw the Inns Court community coming together for a fantastic evening of fire and fireworks. During the day local residents helped dig up the turf and pile up the wood ready for the evening show. People enjoyed cheesy jacket potatoes, Jade’s amazing scotch eggs, hot tomato soup made by the Friends of Knowle West Children’s Centre, healthy fillings from young chefs led by Steen from Knowle West Health Association and bread fresh from the baking group at Knowle West Health Park.

fire blazing 2

Photo by Hannah Sharp

The local police cadets were on hand to pass out sparklers and some children even brought a guy along for the fire. A small but beautiful firework display brought the evening to a satisfying end. The atmosphere sparkled!

The Inns Court Centre, Knightstone Housing, Knowle West Children’s Centre and Knowle West Health Park teamed up to organise the event and couldn’t have done it without a group of amazing volunteers. Huge thanks also to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project who donated all the wood to burn.

Article by Hannah Sharp