Bees & Trees Event

From Knowle West Media Centre

On Sunday 2nd October over 30 people descended upon Buried Treasure at The Park Local Opportunity Centre. Local food producers made delicious jam from locally picked elderberries and blackberries. Some made a beehive out of an old gym horse and local beekeepers came and gave us lots of info and advice about bees and honey. People were able to sign up to get their free fruit tree, have tours of Buried Treasure and buy locally grown fruit and veg.













What more could you ask for from a sunny Sunday afternoon?! A visitor said that her highlight was tasting honey on freshly made bread for the first time. It was one of the first time some of the Knowle West food producers have come together and work on joint projects. Artist in residence at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), Julie Myers, was present and was looking at how to visualise the data/ information that came from bee hives and local fruit trees.













In the  long term, KWMC hope to create something (maybe a bit like an ‘app’) to sit on the community website for people to view information about trees and bees (amongst many other things!) To find out more contact Misty on 0117 9030444.