Appeal for information after dog attack on farm

Police are looking for anyone who can give them information after animals were savaged by a dog on a local community farm.

The attack on two goats and a sheep at Bramble Farm Community Smallholding in Knowle West in October meant that one badly injured animal did not survive.

A vet was called out to treat the other wounded animals and police were alerted after it was discovered the fence had been cut.

Mandy Swainger from Bramble Farm said: “We are all completely devastated. We have been here for five years and can’t believe that something like this could happen.”

The smallholding started with the series “River Cottage Spring” when five families cleared the land to create the farm. There are now six families involved and they breed animals such as pigs and turkeys for slaughter as well as producing fruit and vegetables for sale.

The farm recently achieved a Level 4 from the Royal Horticulture It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards.

Security has now been stepped up. Anyone who has any information about the break in and attack on the animals should call 101.