‘A day in the indoor garden’

Paul performing with a bucket on his head (photo Oliver Rudkin)

Paul did a new performance at KWMC on Wednesday 6th July. The Digital Fish group were there to create the data around it. This included photos, video and live performance description, like the brilliant piece below by Emily Butler and James Wall. There were some great photos and videos too, but you’ll have to wait until they’re edited next week…!
Performance in the KWMC bristol. Paul dressed in his lovely overalls and bare feet starts the performance with 3 continuous loud whistles a bucket is placed on his head still whistling but it isnt as loud as before. Moving blindly walking into a wall. Walking slowly he almost bumps into a young lad and a table!!! ouch. This is actually pretty funny to watch!! Still walking and whistling, Paul gets closer and closer to yet another wall. He makes it with a whistle of relief. He makes his way along the other wall and stumbles over a wheelchair. He quickly recovers and again slowly walking to his start position. he takes his bucket off of his head and rolls his overall trousers up and brings the top half down and ties on his waist. He sips his water. Tips it over his head. i think it was cold as he shivers slightly. GOLD GLITTER!! AHHHHH!!! hope he’s gunna clean it up? In the bucket he goes. compost armed. o.O he’s burying his feet!!!! he holds a bell in his right and and flowers in the left and stands up right arms out. OMG it’s like Christmas ahahaha. Still standing shaking slightly this is going to take a while….. the objects are like a season in a year. roses for spring. glitter like hay fever for summer and a bell for christmas in winter??? rather interesting!!! he drops the bell a loud clanging sound. and he places the flowers on the floor gets out of the soil. places a helmet on and puts his overall back on properly. bells attached to his feet he lays on the floor flowers held in his right hand held upright like the statue of liberty. moving his feet the bells sound. solil for a pillow. All of sudden making us jump he rolls around the floor quickly and sharply. bells still ringing. they slowly stop sounding. He gets up. Hands a bunch of roses to 2 girls and a lad, Ritchie to be precise! Lots of spoons now what’s next? Balloon placed in mouth. He blows it up. Sucks the air out then blows it up again. Weird noises sounding here y’know!! Let’s go of the balloon  and it makes a noise we are all familiar with, giggles, arms up, spoons drop like rain. END aha that was AWESOME!! Paul clean up now please 🙂

Written by Emily Butler!!

With Help from James Wall!!