Conversation results

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First of all a BIG THANK YOU to all that made time to come along to the exhibitions and welcomed us at their meetings, clubs and gatherings.

We met over 400 local people during the KW Conversations and we are still meeting young people at the local schools and clubs. We will prepare a summary report on all of your feedback, comments and ideas. At this point, we would like to show you the results of the ‘Traffic Lights’ used at the exhibitions to capture whether or not you think we are moving in the right direction.

Please provide us with your comments on proposals and results by the 11th December, 2009.

Many thanks!

[Angela Koch, Urban Initiatives]

Download Knowle West Vision 2030 (pdf, 1233 Kb)

Download getting around & better parks proposals (pdf, 744 Kb)

Download your community & better homes proposals (pdf, 654 Kb)

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